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N-gram Text Generation


This is a very simple text generation model using an n-gram model. It simply uses the last N tokens to predict the next.

Featured Project

AI Text Generation with RNN


Generate text using a custom text completion model with 30M parameters. This simple 2048-unit LSTM model was trained on an archive of posts from StackExchange Academia.

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Featured Project

Featured Project

Explore ML

See how machine learning works by creating and training machine learning models. You get to type/draw your own data easily and quickly, and see how the parts of the model combine together.

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Math Challenges

Make learning math fun and test your skills with these fast-paced challenges. This is also great for easy assignments.

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Code Challenges

Write algorithms using block-based code to solve challenges. Make simple to advanced algorithms and auto check them for accuracy.

Open Code Challenges

This website allows you to practice for math competitions. It currently has problems from the AMC 8, AMC 10, AMC 12, and the AIME. In the future, more problems will be added from other math contests.

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Quiz Cards

Quiz Cards allows you to create and learn flashcards. Create a set of terms and definitions, and then share them with anyone you want! Play games with the cards to make sure you know them best.

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Quiz Cards

ClassChat is designed to be used in the classroom as a communication tool. Created to be like social media but appropriate in the classroom, this tool gives students and educators a platform to discuss things to each other.

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Hypixel Bedwars Stats

Find Hypixel Bedwars stats for any player. This website allows you to search for any player and see their stats, including their win/loss ratio, final kills/deaths, and more.

Just go to

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